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Floreana Island

Floreana-the sixth-largest island (173 km2) with the fourth-largest population-has three visitor sites on its north coast, each of which provide unique opportunities to learn more about Gal√°pagos history, coastal flora and fauna, and marine ecology.

The first visitor site, Post Office Bay, is a white-sand beach with a makeshift post barrel serving as the infrastructure of an old-fashioned yet functional mail service. Cruise passengers can leave un-stamped letters and postcards for future visitors (from the same home town or country) to personally deliver. Also nearby are the remains of a canning factory, a lava tunnel, and a soccer field.

The second visitor site is Punta Cormorant. Visitors begin their tour on a brown-sand beach-tinted green due to its composition of olivine crystals-inhabited by sea lions and crabs. A short distance up the beach is the first trail, which leads to a promenade overlooking a lagoon filled with flamingoes and other wading birds, such as white-checked pintail ducks, black-necked silts, American oystercatchers, willets, and whimbrels. Another trail follows the perimeter of the lagoon through the island's distinctive mangrove and Palo Santo coastal vegetation to a white-sand beach where green sea turtles often lay their eggs.

The final visitor site, Devil's Crown, is the best snorkeling site in the archipelago. This half-submerged volcanic cone serves provides ideal habitat for a variety of sea creatures, including white-tipped reef sharks, sea lions, sea turtles, rays, moray eels, and large schools of colorful tropical reef fish.

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