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Sombrero Chino Island

Sombrero Chino-a small island just off the southeastern tip of Santiago -is a fairly recent volcanic cone with a few intact lava tunnels. Although the island is small, it has a beautifully understated panorama: the ambience created by the volcanic cone background, crashing waves, and nearby islets makes Sombrero Chino an exceedingly pleasant stop.

The 400-meter trail begins on a small, white-sand beach nestled discreetly in the sheltered cove between Sombrero Chino and Santiago . Sea lions and American oystercatchers often frequent this beach. The trail continues along the coastline of the cove, passing beside the island's characteristic lava terrain and colorful pioneer vegetation and offering up glimpses of lava lizards, marine iguanas, and Sally Lightfoot crabs battling the changing tides. The trail ends at the island's rocky shore, which is spattered with scenic tide pools lined with green algae and marine iguana passersby during the cool season.

Visitors can also swim in tranquil blue waters along the cove, playing with sea lions and spotting tropical fish.

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